Who am I?

Books and stories have always fascinated me. At a young age, I devoured books like it was nothing. Since then, I have been a big fan of the books by J.K Rowling, R.L Stine, and Paul van Loon. I spent hours reading their stories and stayed completely in my own little world.

As I grew older and my taste in books grew with me, I started writing stories. But I never dared to post them online.
The Claiming Ritual is, fortunately, an exception, with the result that it is now available for purchase and for everyone to read.
Exciting? Yes, you could say that. All kinds of questions go through my head.
What do people think of my concoctions? Do they understand what I am trying to convey? And of course, the most important, do they like it?

My daily life consists of my family and friends, writing short stories and the sequel to The Claiming Ritual, reading books by known and unknown authors, watching series and movies, and all that next to my regular job/study.
So, a busy little life, but to compensate we once in a while go on a vacation 😉

I think you’ve gotten to know me a little better now.
Do you have any questions or want to say something to me? Please send me a message 🙂