A New World Series

The world, as you know it, no longer exists.
Imagine a world without your beloved smartphone. No Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram. No sending quick WhatsApp messages to your friends.
A world where you can keep pushing the power button on your laptop, but it no longer works and the picture on your television stays anxiously black.
You live in a world without electricity due to an electromagnetic pulse.
The medical facilities we have now no longer work. You are completely dependent on the old medical science.
Your whole world has been confined to the village in which you live.
Your village has been taken over by the army from the nearby army base.
All the rules in the village are devised by the general and are blindly followed by his soldiers and your fellow villagers.
A world where it has been determined for you what work you may do, where you may live, and by whom you will be claimed.
This is a world where being yourself is not valued.

Welcome to the new world!

The Claiming Ritual, the first part of the “The New World” series, is now available on Amazon and Kindle Plus. The paperback can be bought here.
Click here for more information on Volume 1, The Claiming Ritual.
The Night Watchmen, the second part of the “The New World” series, will be available from the 9th of September 2022.